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​Aaron's Gun Cabinet is a 07/SOT Federal Firearms Lic. Dealer In Central Arkansas. We provide firearms training, Arkansas Concealed Carry Courses, retail shop, and Gunsmithing Services.

- Nate is certified by the National Rifle Association Law Enforcement Division as a Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor for handgun, shotgun and patrol rifle. He has over 300 hours of formal firearms training, including training with a nationally ranked competitive shooter and former lead firearms instructor for the FAMS, Mike Seeklander, training with long time SWAT operators with local law enforcement agencies, and live fire shoot house training. In addition to that, Nate also has over 200 hours of instructor development training, holding additional instructor certifications in defensive tactics, CPR/AED, and X2/X26 Taser.
Nate is a performance driven and technically adept shooter and carries that same style into his instructing. He has spent countless hours and expended tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition experimenting with and perfecting shooting technique. In 2018 Nathan Became a RangeMaster Certified Instructor.

- Aaron Acklin is Arkansas Native; He has been a full-time Certified Handgun/Long-Gun Instructor, 07FFL/SOT Dealer, and Certified Small Arms Armorer in the Firearms Industry for the past 7yrs. Aaron has also trained with nationally known instructors such as Steve "yeti" Fisher, John Johnston (Ballistic Radio), Melondy Lauer, William April, Mike Seeklander, Spencer Keepers, Craig Douglas, Chuck Haggard, Pat McNamara, and Gabe White. Aaron also has 182 instructor development/training hours. In 2018 Aaron became a RangeMaster Certified Instructor, making him 1 of only 5 total in the state of Arkansas. Aaron's priorities and values are guided by GOD, Family, and Country!. Aaron also has volunteered at D.A.R.C(Direct Action Resource Center) for the past 7yrs as Opfor for local, regional swat teams, S.O.F and other various Military units running Force on Force scenarios.